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The Deltacons

The Best Delta Icons - ONLINE

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deltacons is merely a site that showcase icons of Delta Goodrem, a rising singer from Australia. This is a community where icon-makers can gather together to spread the talent of icon-making sharing the same interest. This community offers praises, compliments and most importantly - constructive criticism of each other's icon, striving to be the best icon-make using Delta photos. After all, Delta Goodrem is photoogenic, and you just can't resist to make breath-taking icons of her.

Rules are quite simple in this community. Following these rules will make this community a fun and positive environment for all users to interact with.

1. Make sure you give credit to all resources you used in your icons. That is, including where you got your image from, the brush you used, textures and fonts. Anything that helped you used to create your icons are need to be in the credit under each post.

2. If you are posting more then 3 icons, make sure you you have 3 icons for preview and rest of them in cut. Click here for more information about LJ cut.

3. All icons are to be Delta related only. Only post pictures with Delta in them as this is only a Delta-based community.

4. Be sure to upload your icons in a free account like PhotoBucket to prevent any hotlinking or bandwidth problems.

Some resources for Delta related materials are:

- ThePhotoAlbum.org: A Delta Goodrem Gallery
- Delta-Source.net: A Delta Goodrem Video Gallery
- SimplyDelta.net: A Delta Goodrem fansite

Please post with your icons if you have any other resources related to Delta!